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General Information

The law firm was originally founded in 1953 by Mr. Ingi R. Helgason, an advocate to the high court. Current owner, Gudjon A. Jonsson, who worked for Mr. Helgason, took over the office in 1981. The law firm has been located at Sudurlandsbraut 30 since 1988.

The law firm is divided into two departments; Law Department, which handles all general matters including court cases, and Collections, which handles fast and reliable collections for both individuals and companies.

The firm also offers an extensive range of other services including, but not limited to; Company formations, Corporate law, Agreements, Work related injuries, Accidents, Real Estate, Claims and Tax Laws.

If you are in a need of any legal assistance, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Su­urlandsbraut 30
108 ReykjavÝk
P.O. Box 8275
Tel: (+354) 588-3000
Fax: (+354) 588-3010